Palm Beach Spartans FC

About Us

We are a unique organization and not your typical soccer club.

"It's not just about Football" for these guys. It's a sense of pride and accomplishment. A belief that anything is possible if you truly work hard, dedicate yourself and have a club, an organization, a community or an army, supporting your efforts and giving you the opportunities and a platform to succeed.
We use the sport of football as a gateway to tackle many other social issues such Racism, Poverty, Environmental Awareness, Mentor-ship, Job Skills and Leadership Training, just to name a few. Like our motto suggests "Change their Story" "It's more than Football", we aim to teach each subsequent generation to dream with unbridled intent and without reservations. Knowing that sky is the limit and you should not by handicapped by your socio-economic situation but only limited by your vision, your work ethic and dedication to succeed at all cost. Working together to help your fellow brother, because we are always stronger together.
This is the Spartans way, and this is what we are all about.